About Us

The Pizza Experience

At Bella Notte, we believe that Pizza isn’t just a food, it’s a complete gastronomic experience.  With that in mind, we have created a full menu of amazing pizza options, including Sicilian, Grandma Pies, and a full selection of Specialty Pies to satisfy any taste.  In addition, we now offer Gluten-Free pies, which we serve uncut with a wrapped plastic pizza cutter.  This way, we can ensure that you don’t have to worry about any cross-contamination and can enjoy your gluten-free pie without concern. 

You can also specify whether you want your pizza with a regular, well-done, or crispy crust, so you’ll always get a pizza done just how you like it. 

Italian Dining Excellence

We put just as much care into our Lunch and Dinner options, and we always want our customers to have a great experience no matter what they choose from our extensive menu. 


Opening Hours

Tuesday 11AM-9:00PM
Wednesday 11AM-9:00PM
Thursday 11AM-9:00PM
Friday 11AM-9:00PM
Saturday 11AM-9:00PM
Sunday 12PM-9:00PM